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PM-Doodles's News

Posted by PM-Doodles - April 5th, 2010

Hey guys it's Shi,

Well I am surprised how well Warning Labels took off, and became such a hit on Newgrounds, which is ironic cause Duchi put this flash on youtube and it only snagged about less than 50 views at the time, ahh the magic of youtube, people would rather watch kittens, or guys getting hit in the crotch, than watch a nice cartoon, XD. Warning Labels also opened a few new doors for me, which does help out an AVA who's trying to get his foot into the professional world.

Lately I have been assisting people with short fan-made dubs on Youtube, and with my friend Amanda, we both directed, and created an English Adaptation to the anime series, Toradora!, which was very well received on it's first part/premiere, if you are a fan of the series, or just looking for an anime to get into, well, check it out when you got the chance.

Now then, I am still available for work if you need a voice actor for flash work, or video game, all I ask is for detail on the story and what character you had in mind for me to voice, so I can practice ahead of time, and get an idea on what to do for it.

Be sure to check out my recent demo reel below, and check out Warning Labels as well.

Oh and this was something I made on Youtube a while back, some characters I have voiced, and characters I have wanted to voice for the sheer amusment.

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Posted by PM-Doodles - December 5th, 2009

Will someone hire this damn Otaku!!

Well the first flash I aided hasn't been released yet, which is a bit of a bummer, I enjoyed the drafts for it, however the next one I helped in will be out very soon, which I look foward too, since it bashes Naruto and Disney, so that's good news for everyone isn't it? =w=

However, I have been trying to find more work as a Voice Actor, and Youtube and the VAA have been rather...scarce on anything that has gotten my interest, so I figured I could try to look for voice work here. So if you have any projects that you need some voice work in, please contact me at my email, or my youtube account, or you can just send me a message here on Newgrounds

I'm open for anything, as long as I am able to read a basic idea of a script before hand

Also I will be doing my own flash work next year, just waiting on new graphic tablet, and a better flash program, everything I tried making...well it would've have just gotten bad ratings, and a lot of flamage, XD

So until then, I'll stick to voice acting, be sure to check out my demo reel below, if any voice peaks your interest, just let me know if you need my voice for anything